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Independent Pharmacist's Network of America (IPNA)

In order to assist independent pharmacist’s in their battles against PBMs, deceitful pharmaceutical manufacturers, and drug wholesalers, EMC LLC created the Independent Pharmacist’s Network of America.

Because of the difficulty organizing litigation options by individuals, this dues-only company combines the efforts of member pharmacists with contingency based law firms in order to review potential illegal activities and develop cases that assist pharmacy-owners in addressing industry inequities.

IPNA refuses “administrative rebates” from wholesalers in order to review potential action against these Wall Street giants.

When a “critical mass” of stores in a geographically region, grassroots lobbying can begin. Such activities have been successfully fought against mandatory mail order and PBMs.

In addition, members receive valuable weekly marketing suggestions that have proven pharmacist-successful for more than two decades. Each new enrollee also receives a copy of The Independent Pharmacist’s Survival Guide which is being sold separately on

For additional IPNA information: telephone 877-578-6579 or review the webpage

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