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Health Industry

EMC served as the chief operating officer for Managed Pharmacy Care, Inc.; RxPR1DE, llc, and IPCN, inc. for 24 years, building those organizations from a handful of independent pharmacists to the largest network in the U.S.

In creating RxPR1DE, LLC, EMC developed the first third party contracting network (now called PSAO) for independent pharmacists in the U.S. with more than 5,000 members. In this role, EMC negotiated more than 2,000 contracts with various PBMs for member participation.

  • EMC offers the following expertise for:
  • Employer (third party payer) companies in reviewing contracts and cost reviews
  • Explaining how the PBM industry operates and makes a third party payerís money
  • By assisting the Elected officials on the county, state or federal levels, in understanding the complexities of the pharmacy component of health care
  • Litigation as EMC helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for attorneys including a victorious trip the U.S. Supreme Court, three victories in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and various Federal venue wins.
  • Assisting PSAOs wishing to expand by recruiting new members through new and creative offers.
  • Aiding Wholesalers growth among the independent pharmacy customer base.
  • Writing, editing and publishing of press releases, hard-hitting direct mail pieces and mini-magazines designed to enhance an organization or industry segment.
  • Developing Claims Processors to serve as a PBM for the insurance and TPA industries

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