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Direct Marketing

By broadest definition, direct marketing utilizes numerous resources and tools to target a specific audience with an exact message.

Unlike other forms of advertising/promotions/public relations that present a message to the mass audience, direct marketing (aka Target Marketing) identifies a succinct audience in order to present a specific message or opportunity to that audience. For example, reaching an 18-and-under group will not necessarily rely on newspaper advertising but might utilize a specific electronic channel to present one offer.

Direct marketing, in its purest form, relies on several variables to ensure success including the proper database, the proper offer, the ideal size and format of the offer, the color and 12 other tests that may be manipulated in order to ensure success.

Ellis Management Consultants, LLC and its vendor-professionals will help your institution reach an optimum acceptance level.

Electronic Marketing

Reaching the most elusive, diverse and profitable marketplace requires additional tactics and innovation.

Through Ellis Management Consultants, LLC, gain access to an in-house production team (an organization of post-graduate college filmmakers, musicians, directors, camera crews and writers) ready to help you reach Generation Y (iGen, born 1980-2001), Generation Z and Generation I (Internet Generation, born after 1994). These digital native generations have changed the marketing and promotion techniques of savvy corporations with the rise of social networking. If your target includes these market groups, an electronic marketing program is suggested. This can be accomplished in-house through Ellis Management Consultants, LLC.

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